Born in 2016, PRJKT8 is a concept watch store showcasing the independent watchmakers in Bahrain. The reason for the name was simple: a fun project, spelled in the German form as an homage to the brand from Zurich that started it all and "8" for the number of years it took to realise the dream.
A Different Way Of Thinking
PRJKT8 is not the typical watch shop you would find in the Middle East. We are proud to have a small dedicated team that are here to help our clients find the right watch for them. We focus on customer experience, no matter the budget. We offer an eclectic collection from entry level to the peak of independent haute horology.
The Founder
Bored of his nine-five desk job working within Dubai's DIFC in finance, Ali Mudara took the plunge to follow his dream. Returning home to Bahrain, he acquired a space in the Moda Mall and PRJKT8 begun. First starting out with SEVENFRIDAY in 2013, Ali has grown his business and added many brands from all price points, even attracting the top tire of independent watch-making like MB&F, URWERK, H. Moser & Cie and many more. With a different approach from most Middle East watch shops. Ali has a small dedicated team on hand to help listen to the client's needs, educate and assist in finding that right watch for the client. The PRJKT8 shop is a relaxing space for watch collectors to visit, grab a coffee, and share in their love of horology. Ali can often be found in the shop engaging with clients and sharing his own passion for watches.