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BHD 1,350.000

MB&F has teamed up with Loupe System to create Project LpX: an intergalactic magnification station enabling accurate viewing of watch movement details, while simultaneously reminding you of the immensity of our galaxy. Five elements combine to make a rocket entity much larger than the sum of its parts.

This versatile rocket ship offers dust-free storage of the highest quality magnification loupes, but does much more than that while sitting on a desk looking pretty: Project LpX is a smile-on-your-face reminder of the space-themed stories many of us read as a child, inspiring countless dreams of space travel and explorations of the unknown.

Project LpX is made up of five modular parts, perfectly packaged in a sturdy travel case. The anodized aluminium rocket base contains a self-luminous tritium capsule “booster” emitting a cosmic glow in the dark. The three modular body components – which are attached to each other using a clicking bayonet system similar to the lens mount for an SLR camera – can accommodate one, two, or three Loupe System loupes.


Functions: Magnifying Loupe
Material: Rocket in anodized aluminium with polish and satin finish stainless steel. Landing pads in polish and satin stainless steel
Rocket Body: The rocket body is composed of 5 elements with bayonet assembly: the base, three modular body parts, and the nose cone. Each rocket can therefore be configured to accommodate one, two or three magnifying loupes, hidden inside the body parts. Light: tritium capsule under the rocket base 172 components
Dimensions: 28cm (diameter) x 33cm (maximum height)
Rocket weight: 0.6kg (without the loupes), 0.85kg (with the loupes)
Manufactured: Switzerland

Comes with: Carry case


The Loupe X is a fun take on a very old traditional tool used by watchmakers the loupe, and more and more these day collectors are using them to view and discover more of the craftsmanship that goes into their watches. Loupe System have found a great way of combining that with technology, so you can use the loupe with a smart phone or tablet and create some amazingly detailed macro shots off your timepiece.