Angelus Watches: A Heritage of Innovation and the Dawn of a New Era

Angelus Watches: A Heritage of Innovation and the Dawn of a New Era

Angelus Watches: A Heritage of Innovation and the Dawn of a New Era

In the heart of Le Locle, Switzerland, a city synonymous with high-end watchmaking, Angelus has established itself as an emblem of horological innovation since its inception in 1891 by the Stolz brothers. The legacy that began in a small room on Rue du Marais has evolved into a brand celebrated for its exceptional chronographs and multi-complication wristwatches, earning international acclaim and a series of prestigious awards.

As Angelus navigated the changing tides of the 20th century, it demonstrated resilience and adaptability, whether by crafting special timepieces for visually impaired soldiers during the First World War or by diversifying its offerings with alarm watches to ride out the Great Depression. The brand's innovative spirit shone through with the creation of the world’s smallest 8-day movement, the Chronodate, and the Tinkler, the first-ever automatic repeater wristwatch.

However, the true renaissance of Angelus began with its acquisition by Manufacture La Joux-Perret in 2011 and its relaunch in 2015. Under the new leadership of CEO Bertrand Savary, Angelus is embarking on a bold journey to honor its storied past while forging a future that resonates with today's high-end watch enthusiasts.

Bertrand Savary brings a vision for Angelus that balances reverence for its historical achievements with a drive towards contemporary relevance. The brand, renowned for its tourbillon complications, is set to broaden its horizon with non-tourbillon collections in the coming years, crafted to reflect the brand's motto of "advanced engineering with an athletic aesthetic."

Angelus' strength lies in its dedicated team of designers, engineers, and watchmakers, who are the backbone of the brand's innovation. Their creativity and expertise allow Angelus to continue its tradition of excellence, now infused with cutting-edge materials and technologies that define modern luxury watchmaking.

The future of Angelus includes a new range of timepieces, marked by the same commitment to material innovation and athletic design seen in models like the U50 Diver Tourbillons. The brand's approach to communication and customer service is rooted in personalization and efficiency, ensuring a direct and human connection with each client.

This brand spotlight not only showcases Angelus' remarkable history and recent achievements but also casts light on its forward-looking strategies. As the brand moves into a new decade under the guidance of Bertrand Savary, Angelus remains a boutique luxury watch brand with an unwavering commitment to horological excellence and a state-of-the-mind luxury experience for its clientele.

From its humble beginnings to its current position as a beacon of avant-garde watchmaking, Angelus has stayed true to the vision of its founders while adapting to the demands of the modern watch connoisseur. With new collections on the horizon and a commitment to innovation, Angelus Watches is poised to continue its legacy of crafting timepieces that are not merely instruments of time but narrators of history and innovation.

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