1941 GRÖNOGRAAF - Stainless Steel

BHD 59,900.000

1941 GRÖNOGRAAF Stainless Steel
Limited Edition of 188 pieces

A chronograph with a worlds first "slow reset"

While Grönefeld produced a number of different watches endowed with a variety of complications, it had never made a chronograph… until now.

The 1941 Grönograaf is the latest creation to be conceived in Oldenzaal. It is a classical chronograph, but consistent with the Grönefeld ethos, it incorporates several ingenious details.

Grönefeld will release 188 pieces in stainless steel and 25 pieces in tantalum.

This 1941 Grönograaf is the distillation of three generations of watchmaking know-how, of the professional journeys of both Horological Brothers and the manifestation of their extraordinary passion for horology.